Wendell Llado

Production Designer



Wendell is passionate about the arts—like, all of them. Whether it’s drawing, learning about design and fashion, or discovering and mixing music, he’s ready to try it. When he’s not experimenting with design, he’s probably spending too much money on good food.

Having worked as a freelancer in the early days of UpHouse, Wendell was tapped on the shoulder when the agency was looking for a production designer who could take every project handed to him and find a creative way to get it done.

Wendell brings a meticulous sense of balance and style to everything he touches. His keen eye shows in his designs and his kindness is evident in his unwaveringly warm demeanour and eagerness to help.

Wendell loves being part of a team he can always count on (and have fun with). He’s grateful to be at a place where his contributions truly feel appreciated.