Vanessa Mancini

Media + Strategy Director



A self-proclaimed “dork,” you’ll often find Vanessa speaking in pop culture references. She prides herself on being able to consistently beat her nephews at Mario Kart. Plus, she’s the proud parent of her little daschund Betty, the judgiest queen of PupHouse.

Vanessa has loved solving puzzles and brainteasers since she was a kid and she loves that it’s now her job to do so for others. Equally driven by logic and creativity, Vanessa has formed the winning strategies for many of our clients such as Efficiency Manitoba, Travel Manitoba and Shared Health, as well as non-profit clients like imagineNATIVE and Sexuality Education Resource Centre. Her MBA training has armed her with a broader understanding of business and finance, allowing her to distinguish the key connection points between marketing initiatives and ROI.

Working at UpHouse has allowed Vanessa to provide solutions to clients who also want to make the world a better place—and hopefully, enjoy a Taylor Swift reference along the way.