How We Work

Company Values

Our company values aren’t just listed, they’re lived

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to come up with ideas for everyone: from a start-up company or not-for-profit to a large corporate brand.

Especially dedicated to making space for businesses that serve or are owned and operated by individuals from underrepresented communities, it’s our honour to trade our time and ideas for the greater good whenever we can.

Ideas for Everyone

Ideas have the power to do good

We believe in the power of ideas — and we like to share and exchange them with people, whether it adds to our bottom line or not.

This extends to within UpHouse as well. Everyone exchanges ideas without fear of judgement, and we’re committed to cultivating a safe and creative workplace for each of our team members.

Diversity of Thought

Bringing diverse voices to the table

We believe that diversity is the best way to come up with powerful ideas — ideas that would otherwise never surface.

We want our team to reflect our community and to hold our work accountable. This means aiming for the highest standards of representation, accessibility and authenticity in our work and pushing clients not to accept anything less, as well.

Make Marketing Better

Sharing the secret sauce

We believe that we can do more than making “better marketing”, we can make marketing better. Our model from the start has been to help in-house marketers where they have gaps and to share our expertise with our clients so that they can learn in the process.

UpHouse helps marketers grow and takes a holistic approach to helping them. We always advocate for the idea that we believe will make the biggest impression, and push to let the good ideas — and better marketing — live.

Our Culture

Did you know that we have stand-up comedians, singers with serious ranges and even an adequate impersonator here at UpHouse?

Our team is full of superstars, and we make it a priority to make sure that each and every one of them knows it by providing them with the support they need, opportunities to grow and a crew of cheerleaders behind them celebrating every victory along the way.


Sometimes agencies reward working around the clock, but we want to hold our agency to a higher standard. After all, we need creative, energized folks to maintain our high standard of work, and we can’t do our jobs when we’re drained.

We think we can get our jobs done well, all while protecting our time for our very worthy lives outside of work. Sick days aren’t tracked around here and our vacation policy is to take vacation.


While we’re more about elevating each other than climbing a ladder, we do want to reward high-performers and offer our team the opportunity to grow and flourish within their roles — or beyond them.

We all want to keep learning, and we want our team to have all the tools that they need to succeed at work, from a cool new piece of tech to training and conferences.


Whether we’re riding horses, cruising the Red River, dance-walking through Pride Toronto’s parade, picnicking in the park or taking in a local stand-up show, we’re a crew that likes to celebrate.

We’re always open to ideas for company retreats, volunteer opportunities and training for the whole team, and we like to think that we throw staff parties that can’t be beat (drag brunch, anyone?).

Do we sound like the kind of folks you want to work with? Drop us a line to add your talents to our freelance network or to ask us about current opportunities. We can’t wait to meet you!

Working With Us

What we expect from our clients

Relationships have to be reciprocal, and agency/client relations are no exception. We have high expectations for the marketing we put out into the world so we have to ask that our clients hold us to this standard, and only work with people who are on the same page as us, too. 

Here are some of the values we share with our clients:


People consume marketing whether they desire to or not. We encourage clients to share stories that are worthwhile, promote messages that deserve to be heard, and ensure every message holds value for its audience.


We prioritize accessibility, and we encourage clients to do the same. 22% of Canadians currently live with a disability, and all of us will experience a disability (even temporarily) at some point in our lives.


We push our clients to strive for the highest standard of representation in their work. As marketers, we have the opportunity to represent a different future — one with a wider variety of faces and voices.

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