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Do You Have An Online Sales Funnel?

“We have to change everything about our sales process,” said an accountant I know who runs a small, but fast-growing practice with a partner. “We typically get a large number of our new clients through networking events, but everything is cancelled this year due to COVID.”

He was accustomed to attending breakfasts and luncheons for the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce as well as other organizations.

It’s a common problem, especially for professional services such as accountants, lawyers and financial advisors who typically spend a fair amount of their sales and marketing budget on networking. That’s because these professions are typically selling themselves as much as their expertise.

Networking works as a sales development tool because it gives them a chance to be themselves in front of a potential client.  How do you replace networking when there are no events to attend?

Our firm has been helping our clients do just that by building smart online sales funnels that can not only replace networking, but deliver much stronger Return on Investment.

We have built a strong team of marketing and communications experts who build effective sales funnels. Often for less than the cost of a single full-time employee, our clients benefit from experts in the following services:

  • Public relations (publicity)
  • Website development
  • Social media management (content creation and community management)
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing (blogging and email marketing)

Our mix of marketing and communications skills and experience is perfectly suited to professional services firms like medical clinics (dentists,chiropractors, cosmetic surgeons), lawyers, accountants, and independent financial advisors.

Video Live Streaming

Dooley PR & Marketing Online Sales Funnel Graphic
Dooley PR & Marketing’s modern sales funnel goes over many of the digital marketing tools you have at your disposal.

We’re increasingly using video with our clients, helping them develop videos for playback on social media. We’ve added live streaming video too, giving our clients the ability to broadcast live or recorded programming of their own making.

Live Streaming is an excellent stand-in or replacement for networking. You can broadcast to a closed, invitation-only audience, or you can push it out live on Facebook or YouTube, for example. Used in combination with social media and paid digital efforts, live streaming video gives you the opportunity to show your expertise to potential clients while simultaneously building your brand.

If you’d like to discuss how to create an online sales funnel for your company, give us a call. The first consultation is always free.

P.S. The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce is experimenting with virtual events this year. I’m excited to be co-hosting the Small Business Forum on September 30. Check it out!

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