Teri Klowak

Graphic Designer

Teri Kilowak


When Teri isn’t designing you can find her with a good cup of coffee perusing antique stores or wiping dust off her instruments she should be playing – while yelling at movies in her home with her elderly diabetic cat. Her laid-back personality is an asset to any team (not to mention her witty sense of humour).  

Throughout her years at various agencies, Teri’s picked up a long list of talents ranging from graphic design and, motion graphics to complicated data projects. She’s conceptualized work for multiple Fortune 500 companies and national clients including Nike and Adidas. One of her career highlights was producing a piece that went in the hands of every NHL player. Our Winnipeg Jets know what she can do! 

She’s always one to roll up her sleeves to find a solution and is efficient and agile in her work. A collaborator at heart, Teri appreciates how supportive UpHouse is and the emphasis they put on collaboration to get the best results for the client.