Employer branding & recruitment marketing for bold and authentic brands

Canadian HR professionals are dealing with one of the worst employee shortages in recent history.

A labour shortage, an aging population, and demand for skilled workers mean companies are facing the recruitment perfect storm. The line is blurring between marketing and recruiting and the brands that harness the two can build employer brands that break through the competition.

The benefits of an employer brand

Stand out in a competitive market

An attractive employer brand draws star employees from a limited labour pool who want to work for you.

Lower your recruiting costs

Generating awareness for your brand leads to candidates seeking you out and not the other way around, meaning less time (and money) spent on actively recruiting.

Retain and engage your employees

Companies who invest in their brands and reputation see higher employee morale and lower turnover.

Working with UpHouse

UpHouse walks the line between an outside advertising agency and a member of your in-house marketing department.

We don’t minimize or replace the talent you already have. Instead, we fill in the skill gaps and offer guidance along the way.

Think of us like consultants but better. We’re not just going to make recommendations, we’re willing and able to put in the work that will help you elevate your brand.

The UpHouse team enjoying a lunchtime creativity exercise.

Our employer branding & recruitment marketing services

Employer (recruitment) story

A compelling employer story brings meaning to your employment experience. This ~400-word story forms the base language for crafting messaging for each audience and any assets we create.

Visual identity

Align your current branding to better reflect your employer brand through effective and consistent use of photography, graphic elements, and treatments across all materials.

Career website

Streamline candidate engagement, job search, and applications with a career site that reinforces your employer brand and provides a standout user experience.

Overview videos

An overview video for your company or specific departments or careers is one of the best ways to bring your employer brand to life and showcase the employee experience.

Employment manual & job descriptions

An updated (or new) employee manual will reflect your updated brand, incorporating brand language into your job descriptions.

Digital marketing assets & promotion

Generate awareness of your employer brand and promote specific career tracks and job postings as they arise with short-form videos, digital graphic and text-based ads, and organic social posts.

Recruitment marketing in action

Let’s talk about your brand

Whether you’re curious to know more or ready to build the employer brand of your dreams, send us a message and we’d be happy to discuss what we can achieve together.