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Social media management is a must-have service for almost any business, big or small. It’s a blueprint for how you’ll manage content and how customers will engage with your brand through channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

More than just posting a picture to your account, social media management is about sharing meaningful content that provides value to the audience you intend to reach or your target audience. To be successful, you have to make sure your content is relevant to the customer and their interests, goals and aspirations. Then over time, they’ll be more familiar with your brand and are willing to work with or buy from you.

In this Dooley Noted blog, we’ll be discussing why social media management is crucial for businesses. Here’s why:

Your Customers Are On Social Media

There are over two billion people on social media every day, and the average person spends two to three hours per day on social media, according to Statista. They use social media daily to connect with their families and friends, read the latest news trends, follow their favourite celebrities and discover new ways of life, including connecting with helpful and exciting brands. If your target audience is on social media, then you need to be visible to them there.

To Build Authentic Relationships With Customers

Social media management is a two-way communication outlet. You can push out messages to your audience, which they can then respond to in real-time.

When it comes to traditional advertising, you have no idea what your audience is thinking when they see your content. Sometimes, you’re not even sure if they saw it. Social media management allows you to have a conversation with your audience. You can increase engagement with people who love your content, and you can address customers who may be upset with the brand.

This two-way communication stream with your followers will not only strengthen your relationships, but it’ll also build trust. And we know people work with and buy from businesses they like and trust.

It’s A Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms are free to join, post content, respond to users and more. Ultimately, social media management allows you to experience significant results when it comes to lead generation and conversion at almost no cost. In the social media sphere, lead generation is the identification of a potential client, while conversion is the act of converting them into an actual client.

Managing your socials effectively allows you to get the most out of each social channel. Creating relevant and high-quality content can take a lot of time and effort many small businesses simply don’t have. Also, your business might not have anyone who has the expertise or skills needed to carry out an effective social media strategy.

Here’s where a social media management company comes in! A social media management agency like Dooley PR & Marketing can strengthen your marketing efforts by providing expert social media management services.

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