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Taking A Lead From Awareness To Conversion

If you’re in business, you’re probably used to being inundated with ads promoting new marketing tools, webinars and courses. All claim to be the answer to your sales manager’s prayers: Bring Me More Leads and, please Lord, Help Me Convert Them To Paying Customers!

Facebook marketing tips. Google search. Remarketing. Landing pages. Email marketing. Loyalty Programs.

There are so many different things you can build into an online sales funnel. The list seems as endless as an Instagram scroll.

I know that it causes business owners and marketers stress as they try to decide which tactics are best for them. The best solution is to start your thinking at a strategic level. You need a clear understanding of your brand, your voice and your target audience.

Once we have that strategic understanding nailed down, we can start piecing together the way we’ll take the business to market.

We’ve created a sample Modern Sales Funnel to show our clients some of the tactics that are at our disposal. Sales funnels can usually be broken into five broad sections:

  • Awareness – Your prospective customers need to know who you are or what problem you’re trying to solve.
  • Interest – Once people are aware, you want to encourage some of them to take a more detailed interest in what you have to offer.
  • Intent – After sparking their interest, you want some of your new leads to become customers.
  • Purchase – Let’s make this part as easy as possible.
  • Retention – It’s always less expensive to keep an existing customer than to find a new one, so make sure you build retention tactics into your strategy.

Different agencies will excel at different tactics. We’re recognized experts in public relations, content development, and web development. We’ve also added specialized skills to our team in social media, videos and digital advertising.

Modern Sales Funnel outlining the sales strategy from brand awareness to retention
Dooley PR & Marketing’s modern sales funnel goes over many of the digital marketing tactics you have at your disposal.

Different agencies will excel at different tactics. We’re recognized experts in public relations, content development, and web development. We’ve also added specialized skills to our team in social media, videos and digital advertising.

Our agency has evolved to become expert at working with professional services companies such as dental clinics, chiropractors, accountants, lawyers and financial advisors. We offer a specialized suite of services that is perfect for building sales funnels for small and mid-sized service companies that need to attract leads and convert them into customers.

We offer a high degree of expertise and specialization as we become our clients’ outsourced marketing and communications department. We bring years of experience to the table and can do it for less than the cost of a full-time employee.

A typical sales funnel for our clients would look something like this:


We’ll manage your social media platforms and Google My Business profile. That means helping you manage online reviews and other kinds of testimonials. At this stage, we also manage your digital advertising on multiple platforms.


Your website is at the core of what you do, so we work hard to build sites that have excellent SEO and strong user experience. You’ll typically see newsletters, case studies and other downloadable content. We also love building videos into these two stages of the funnel.


We encourage prospects to become leads through client contact forms and other means. We love creating content that resonates in an inbox too with strong email nurturing campaigns.

We typically hand the purchase part of the funnel over to our clients to complete, then we become involved again in helping them with ongoing email marketing to existing clients, special events (grand openings, etc.) and satisfaction surveys.

If you want to know more about our approach, please visit our President’s Message or Contact Us for a free consultation.

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