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We live in a dynamic and progressive time when tech-savvy and multitasking are essential skills for anyone, including marketers. However, if you’re working on several projects or have tons of accounts to handle, staying calm and efficient is not always possible. And let’s be honest, sometimes all of us struggle with prioritizing and multitasking.

Some of the small and repetitive tasks probably take about one minute or so during the day. However, it’s 365 minutes a year or six hours of your time that could be spent on something more important. Luckily, marketing automation software (which automates activities) can be an excellent solution for building more efficient marketing campaigns and establishing a better customer experience.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation uses specialized software and tools to automate repetitive tasks within ad and email campaigns.

For example, the integration of email marketing platforms with customer relationship management (CRM) could be considered marketing automation. It helps automate, track marketing campaigns and save your resources.

Curious to learn more about marketing automation and ways how you can use it? We prepared some actual examples that we use at Dooley PR & Marketing.

Examples of Marketing Automation Software
And Ways To Use It

There are so many marketing automation tools that can add innovation and efficiency to your digital strategy. Some of the most top-rated ones are Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot, Constant Contact and more.

Also, when you need to connect various marketing tools, the automation app Zapier can be very useful. Zapier allows the integration of multiple apps (more than 3,000 apps can be connected via Zapier), including marketing tools and other web applications.

The idea behind this automation software is super simple. With Zapier, you can create “zaps” that consist of two parts – Trigger and Action. You set the algorithm and tell Zapier when something should occur. As a result, it performs repetitive and routine work for you.

If you’re not a marketer, you don’t do digital campaigns and you don’t need premium features, feel free to sign up for a free version of this tool and automate some of your daily work tasks.

Today, at Dooley PR & Marketing, we’ve developed successful zaps that make our marketing team’s work more efficient and our clients happier. You don’t have to know the basics of coding and you can implement your customized zaps that will do routine work for you, saving precious time for more exciting tasks.

Lead Generation

Facebook Ads

The main objective of lead generation ad campaigns is to collect leads. If you use Facebook ads to generate your leads, you may notice that when somebody submits the lead form in the ad, it usually goes to the CSV. file, which you can download and have your leads there for further use.

If your lead is offered free content or follows up shortly, you don’t want to make them wait and lose their interest in your products or services. We need to deliver it immediately to satisfy the target audience’s needs and create an excellent first impression. Receiving the content a few hours or days later could be very annoying for potential customers.

Without automation tools like Zapier, you would have to check out your lead gen campaign performance several times during the day, download a new email address every time someone submits the form, and import the contacts to the email list in your email marketing platform.

This manual approach may work when you’re getting around ten leads during one campaign. But if your business is expanding and you have massive campaigns that bring you hundreds and thousands of leads, doing it manually would be challenging. It’s likely that you’ll lose valuable leads in the process of downloading and importing your contacts.

With marketing automation rolling, you can check your lead generation campaign performance from time to time to see how it’s performing and further optimize your workflow.

Google Ads Lead Form Extension

Have you tried using the new lead form extensions from Google Ads? It’s a really neat feature that can help you capture leads, improve your click-through rate and increase the number of clicks and conversions of your Google Ads campaigns.

However, you might face the same problem here as with Facebook lead generation ads. With a marketing automation tool, like Zapier, you can integrate Google Ads lead extension and your email marketing software to collect submitted contact information and deliver it directly to your email lists. Moreover, you even can add one more step in your automation workflow, like sending you notifications on your email whenever you receive new leads.

For instance, you’re offering free consultation in your new Google Ads ad campaign and you added a lead form extension to capture the leads, interested in your services and who want to book consultation with you. Potential clients click on the form from your ad, submit their contact information and with the help of automation, you receive their information immediately on your email as a notification and add it to the email list. This can make your work way more time-efficient and build a great experience for your potential clients/customers.

If you have any questions about marketing automation or want to implement some of them for your business, feel free to reach out to us and we can help you with your lead generation strategy.