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Are you looking for ways to boost your Google search rankings and improve your SEO? Racking your brain on how to rise to the top of search engine results?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a practice used to make a website appear higher in search engine results. Ultimately this means more traffic for the website, more people engaging with your brand and, hopefully, more sales.

To help better your SEO strategy, here are three approaches to improve your search visibility and Google ranking.

Create Relevant Content

You know your industry better than anyone. Write content that is helpful to your users and include keywords you know will result in your website being found by Google or other search engines. Using Dooley PR & Marketing as an example, users might use keywords like:

  • Content marketing near me
  • Social media management company
  • Public relations firm
  • How to choose a digital marketing agency?

Also, think about how the user might search for a specific page. Try to avoid using too many keywords on one page, as doing so can make achieving high search rankings difficult. If you want to use multiple keyword phrases for your website, you should use different keywords on separate webpages instead of putting too many on a single page.

Most importantly, you’ll need to be natural and user-friendly, so use common sense. Think like a reader when writing the content – readers want content that makes sense and isn’t overwhelming for them. For instance, you may not want the phrase “content marketing” in every page title or heading.

Ultimately, more keywords are not the key here, quality is. If you blast your page with low-quality writing and too many keywords without context, your target audience will not appreciate that.

Fresh Content Is Critical

Quality content that is updated regularly can increase your website’s traffic, thereby increasing its authority and relevance. A great way to update your website might be to start creating new blog posts. You can also try updating older content, either by adding current information or even using different keywords.

Make sure you update your content consistently to keep it fresh. It’s also good to remember your competitors are very likely to make frequent changes to their sites to outrank you. Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry, so it’s always good to stay up-to-date.

Always Link Keywords

Your text should have relevant links. The phrase “click here” has no search engine value so instead, try using keywords or descriptive links. Linking keywords not only increases your site’s rankings but also provides more detailed information to your users.

Links, internal and external, are crucial to building an effective website and marketing strategy. Internal links are links that will direct you to the same website, while external links are links from other websites that point to yours (also known as backlinks) or vice versa.

To have a strong SEO strategy, you need to know the difference between an internal and external link as well as how to use them.

  • Internal links help your users navigate through the site by going from one page to another without the user having to search for it. They get a smooth website experience where the information is easy to find and readily accessible.
  • External links can significantly improve your website’s ranking and credibility. If a popular site links to yours, you instantly build the trust of many search engines. For example, when users search for something, search engines like Google tend to direct users to sites that are trustworthy, well-known and backlink rich; automatically improving your brand’s reputation.

All in all, the more popular websites link back to yours, the higher you’ll rank in search engines. Take note to ensure your descriptive links make sense with the content you are writing. Keep linked phrases as short as possible to save your viewers time, as fewer words are read. For instance, you can use “contact us” instead of “to get in touch with us click here.” Sometimes, simple is best.

Advice To A SEO Newbie

If you’re not sure the SEO information you have is correct, don’t panic and don’t make fast changes to your website. There are many other trusted SEO sites and sources, such as Semrush and Moz, you can reference to begin your SEO journey.

You can also reach out to SEO experts for guidance. SEO can be hard even for seasoned professionals, so it’s understandable if you might need some help. Contact us to get the best SEO experience possible.