Sade Ogungbemi

Marketing Director


A self-proclaimed chip connoisseur, Sade loves to cook, bake, and spend her time cozying up with a good thriller novel. Name a TV show or movie that has a dance routine and she will probably know all the moves. (Did she force all her friends to learn the dances growing up? Maybe… maybe not).

Sade has a background in PR, marketing and events—and she still loves doing all three. A strong communicator, strategic thinker and organization queen, Sade can confidently lead any project from start to finish. She’s worked on clients across the health food, government, lottery and tech industries, with her work on TECHNATIONS’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) campaign being one of her proudest career highlights. Whether it’s a large project or new client, she thrives with a challenge.

Sade is passionate about making sure our team and clients feel supported, understood and loved.