Kiirsten May




Kiirsten’s favourite part about working in advertising? It gives her a chance to experience hundreds of careers from the comfort of her own. She’s learned about agronomy, architecture, cannabis cultivation, long-haul trucking, duck hunting, underwriting and Indigenous languages—all without changing business cards.

Kiirsten is an award-winning copywriter and co-author of The Proximity Paradox, written with collaborator and co-owner of UpHouse, Alex Varricchio. She is also a finalist alongside Alex for EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year. A mentor with United Way’s Social Purpose Institute and North Forge, while also being an active member of the B Local Manitoba chapter, Kiirsten likes to stay connected to her community.

She’s proud of the ways UpHouse strives to make marketing better, including our social purpose work, CGLCC involvement and representation in marketing. She can’t wait to see what the team thinks up next! When Kiirsten isn’t working, you can most likely find her horseback riding or checking out a new museum exhibit.