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Over the past several months, Dooley PR & Marketing has been working with a new company: Pierre Bunyan Tree Service. Pierre Bunyan came to us needing a brand identity that can set their lumberjacks apart from the competition. The Dooley team quickly got to work, scouring our brains for what would work best for Pierre Bunyan.

While lumberjacks may be great at uprooting all your tree problems, the experts on the Dooley team are the people you want crafting your communications and marketing. We gave Pierre Bunyan the entire Dooley treatment, and it was a doozy.

Image of door knocker
(Image of door knocker)

The Dooley Treatment

With each client, we tailor our work to match the client’s needs and desires. Since Pierre Bunyan came to us with a gorgeous logo, we focused our efforts on expanding the brand’s marketing and social presence. This began with creating a creative brief and brand style guide to establish Pierre Bunyan’s voice and style, ensuring consistency across all platforms. We also created an online brand strategy guide to ensure all our digital communications were strategic and shared Pierre Bunyan’s core messages of reliability and expert work.

With these essential pieces completed, we moved onto the next phase of creating marketing materials for our favourite lumberjacks.* Since Pierre Bunyan is frequently out in the field, we designed punny door knockers based on our favourite tree puns to catch the attention of neighbours. We also created a new website and landing page, so potential clients can quickly learn about Pierre Bunyan and book free estimates from the comfort of their own homes.

Spreading the Lumberjack Love

But the Dooley team isn’t finished. As a new company, many Winnipeggers are unaware of Pierre Bunyan. To counter this problem, we created digital ad campaigns on multiple platforms all designed to drive leads and conversions. Pierre Bunyan isn’t your boring old tree service company – they’re legendary – and their ads deserved to have that legendary spark as well.

As we move into the summer season, the Dooley team is excited to keep our eyes on the treetops of Winnipeg and look for the Pierre Bunyan team working furiously to care for our tree canopy. Dooley PR & Marketing is passionate about working with our clients to help them achieve their goals. With a new creative brand, website, physical marketing materials and social media strategy, we believe they are positioned for success.

To learn more about Pierre Bunyan, visit their website here.

*Certified arborist

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