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As many of us have learned throughout COVID-19, it’s impossible to replace in-person events with online ones. It’s just not the same. If you’ve ever tried to watch a livestream concert or attend a meeting over Zoom, you know what we’re talking about.

That’s why, when we offer public and private livestream services to our clients, we strive to create online events built specifically for the platform, rather than replicate something the client used to do in person. It creates a more engaging event, and it attracts more new or prospective clients for you.

What Goes into a Livestream?

At Dooley PR & Marketing, we view livestreams as such: if you can dream it, we can build it. Livestreams can be whatever you want them to be – from an interview with an industry expert to a simple webinar to a nationwide fundraiser, we rely on our years of experience to help develop and deliver your content effectively. You already know your business, so we take care of the rest.

Our team will meet with you to determine the best way to deliver your content to keep your audience engaged. On the day of the livestream, we’ll set up our gear on location and get everything ready for your hosts to step into the spotlight. If health restrictions don’t allow us to be on location or the location is in another city, don’t worry. We can also produce your livestream virtually, while ensuring it still looks professional and runs smoothly.

During the livestream, we’ll monitor to make sure the video and sound are coming through properly and flag any questions viewers may have for the host. Once the livestream is over, we’ll pack up our gear and be on our way.

It’s Not Over Until the Paid Ads Sing

But wait, there’s more! Our work doesn’t finish when we put away the camera and turn off the lights. We head back to our office and hand your livestream to our digital marketing experts, who will work their magic. They transform your video into social media or Google ads, which we run as campaigns on various platforms. This ensures people are watching your content before and after the livestream.

Along with running your livestreams, our full-service agency can provide social media management, website development, advertising, email marketing and more – making sure all those pieces work together to reach your digital marketing goals.

And that’s it! With the reliance on technology increasing in almost every industry, livestreams can be a fantastic way to reach audiences wherever they are and spread the word about your business.

To get a peek behind the scenes, check out this blog post of a livestream we did with Diabetes Canada. If you’re interested in learning more about how Dooley PR & Marketing can elevate your business’ digital marketing game, contact us or give us a call for a free consult.