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When building a brand, companies need to know what draws an audience to them and how they can use their audience to help build their brand. This is where audience development and data analytics comes into play.

Audience development involves building relationships, gaining customers and increasing customer loyalty. All of which takes time and can be extremely beneficial in the long run.

If you are using data when it comes to your audience development strategies it can help you gain a competitive edge and reach your customers on a personal level.

The Right Audience

Let’s start with the basics. You need your content seen by the right people. We want to avoid putting your content in front of those who will delete it without even looking at it. Or state that it is irrelevant to them. We have all done this when it comes to ads that land in our inbox or on social media. Oftentimes a brand sets their target too wide and it falls flat. But when you narrow the target and find the right demographic you may start gaining some new clicks and sales.

Audience Development vs. Marketing

It is important to note that audience development differs from marketing when it comes to building your brand. Or, perhaps it’s better to say that audience development is one small part of your marketing plan.

Audience development focuses on the human element of the audience. What aspects do they like about the company/brand? How will your products fit their daily lives? It is worthwhile building relationships with your customers and potential customers online by interacting with them on social media, via reviews and other channels. Here’s a great post on this topic from Lotame.

You know that you’re building the right kind of audience when people start engaging more with your brand. We want to see people like and share posts, as well as comment on your activity in a positive way. Lomtame ²

What Are Data Analytics?

As simplilearn explains in this post, hidden patterns and correlations can be discovered when large datasets are collected and analyzed. For example, customers who buy Product A are likely to buy Product B. This is referred to as data analytics and will help your brand grow.

Data analytics will also help identify trends, such as customers searching a specific keyword or topic within a certain period. They also derive valuable insights with new product development and promotion strategy.

This will help us understand the consumers’ behaviour (e.g. satisfaction, UX experience) and make better business decisions based on this behaviour.

Data analytics is the process of exploring and analyzing large datasets collected to discover hidden patterns/correlations (e.g customers who buy A are likely to buy B), identify trends (e.g. customers search specific keyword/topic within a period) and derive valuable insights (e.g. new product development, promotion strategy). It helps to understand consumer behaviour (e.g. satisfaction, UX experience) and make business decisions better.¹

How Can Data Analytics Help Grow A Brand?

Data analytics provides valuable insights to track the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. We use data analytics to help optimize campaigns and websites for increased performance and better Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

At Dooley PR and Marketing, we help our clients target the right audiences and grow their audience size with the help of digital ads and content marketing. We look into the data we collect and explore potential customers who are most likely to engage with your campaign and convert your traffic into leads and sales.

If you want to learn more about how audience development and data analytics can help build your brand, contact us today.