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We are excited to team up with our client, Dynacare, and Diabetes Canada Manitoba for a third year on the award-winning #Dynacare4Diabetes campaign!

This year looks different because of COVID-19, and our 2020 strategies were crafted for a physically distant environment.

The #Dynacare4Diabetes Campaign

Since the campaign’s first year, more than 18,000 Manitobans have developed diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes or prediabetes, bringing the total to 395,000 (28% of the province’s population). The total is expected to reach 480,000 (31%) in the next 10 years.

Many Manitobans do not realize that after age 40 they should get an A1C (blood sugar) test approximately every three years, especially if they are from one of the identified high-risk groups. The campaign’s goal is to raise awareness of risk factors for Type 2 diabetes and to encourage Manitobans to talk with their doctors and get tested if they are at risk.

Obby Khan getting his blood test done by a nurse at a Dynacare location
Obby Khan, owner of Shawarma Khan and the Green Carrot Juice Company, getting his blood sugar tested during 2018’s #Dynacare4Diabetes initiative

Our 2020 Strategy

Working closely with Dynacare and Diabetes Canada Manitoba, the campaign features the following elements:

  • Public Relations: We are focusing on media and influencer relations
  • Digital Marketing: Our digital strategy includes paid digital and social media mentions
  • Photo and Video Opportunities: This is a part of our influencer and media outreach

Unprecedented Times Indeed

Event management is another key tactic that we have planned for 2020. Our team at Dooley PR and Marketing had planned to host mobile clinics in Winnipeg and St. Laurent, Manitoba to reach out to high-risk groups and invite media outlets to cover the story. However, given the announcement of the Province of Manitoba’s Code Red COVID-19 restrictions, we made the decision to cancel those events to ensure safety for everyone.

We had to think quickly on our feet. We made the decision to cancel our live remote spots with two radio stations and changed our campaign messaging for our media appearances and radio ad spots. Part of the value we bring to our clients is our ability to pivot when presented with challenges and still deliver on campaign objectives.

Obby Khan recording his testimonial interview with a camera person for the Dynacare4Diabetes campaign
Obby Khan films a segment for #Dynacare4Diabetes inside a Shawarma Khan location in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

A Healthier Manitoba

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and if you are from one of the high-risk groups, we encourage you to talk to your doctor and, if recommended, get tested. Dynacare will make a 50-cent donation for every A1C test completed from October 21 to November 30, up to a total of $25,000. If you have never gotten an A1C test before, talking to your doctor is a good place to start. They will recommend you get a blood sugar test if you need one.

The Dooley PR and Marketing team are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. We are proud to promote Dynacare and their mission to raise awareness in this important endeavour to help fight diabetes in Manitoba.

Our friends at Diabetes Canada have everything you need to know about diabetes. Click here to learn more.

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