At UpHouse, we believe diversity of thought, ideas and people make for more creative marketing solutions. We also believe everyone should have easy access to new ideas and perspectives. So we built a web app to help make it happen.

What’s a Crainstorm?

In 2019, we began working on a passion project called Crainstorm – a virtual brainstorming platform that would let people gather ideas from creative people face-to-face. With this in mind, we wanted to build a community of creative folks who could brainstorm and focus test ideas for entrepreneurs and marketers. We wanted virtual brainstorms to be fun, accessible and affordable. So in between UpHouse projects, we’ve slowly built up the Crainstorm web app and a cool virtual brainstorm room with plenty of fun features. See how it works.

Ideas for everyone

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an SME, a creative professional or a divergent thinker, we want you in the Crainstorm community. Brainstorming is not a mystical talent possessed by a chosen few. Instead, every diverse experience, background and opinion creates fertile ground for the exchange of ideas.