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It was nearly impossible to connect with people over the past year. This led to a remarkably long year where not much happened to mark the time passing. We turned to technology for nearly every interaction and the marketing industry was no different.

So, when the Advertising Association of Winnipeg’s Signature Awards gave us a chance to celebrate the local industry’s achievements over the past year-and-change, we jumped at the opportunity. We hosted a dressed-up virtual screening in our office to applaud on the work that broke through people’s screens and emotional stupors to actually connect.

We were thrilled to be recognized for three heartfelt and succinct campaign videos filmed locally, though in a completely different set of circumstances.

Sexuality Education Resource Centre MB’s “Sex Ed for Everyone”

Winner, Public Service Announcement | Runner-up, Campaign of the Year

In a pre-pandemic world, we posed questions to Manitobans at a public park, and filmed their responses. They were given real questions to field about sex and sexuality that came up during youth sessions run by Sexuality Education Resource Centre MB (SERC).

Given their charming yet mostly fumbled responses, and a lack of ease navigating the questions, the video proved what a worthy resource SERC is in the community. Specializing in helping folks from all walks of life navigate personal issues and conversations about sex, including teachers, caregivers, youth, newcomers and everything in between, SERC truly does provide Sex Ed for Everyone who needs it. While our Assiniboine Park participants represent a relatively small sample size, the evidence points to a need for lifelong sexual education.

Red River Mutual’s “A Love Letter to Home”

Runner-up, Broadcast/Non-Broadcast (Made in Manitoba)

After a year where we leaned harder on our homes than ever before, we thought it could be worthwhile to recognize this. The word “home” meant so much more in the past year-and-a-half ­– it became our offices, our safe space, our full-time entertainment venues, and kept us protected from a pandemic.

Our homes do so much for us – they witness and hold so much of our lives. So, we filmed a group of Manitobans reading messages of thanks to their homes for what they do for them. When it comes to protecting this most valuable asset, you need to align with an insurance company that knows the complex meaning of home: Red River Mutual.

TECHNATION’s CareerFinder Campaign

Runner-up, Non-Broadcast (Single or Series)

Finally, we knew we had only a few short seconds of students’ attention spans while they were binging on digital content. What if they could do something more useful with that time?

Careers in cybersecurity are growing in Canada and TECHNATION wants to connect Canadian tech trained students with Canadian employers. Their CareerFinder tool makes it easy to look up salaries and job availability for positions hiring for the skills you already have, or the right training resources to help you land that perfect gig.

To our clients

We’re so honoured to have marked the year with these wins during a very tough time in the world. To our brave clients who trusted us to find their breakthrough campaign ideas and let us run with them – adapting to conditions and changes along the way – we’ve already won with you at our sides.

We also picked up Signature Award wins for an amazing cannabis brand: 

Delta 9’s Joint Rolling Handbook
Winner, Consumer Publication Design
Delta 9’s Longhouse Cannabis Co.
Winner, Brand Identity | Winner, Logo/Wordmark

Look out for a case study on our Longhouse branding and more about standing out in the cannabis industry soon.