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Our writing and strategic communications keyword knowledge boosts Paragon Living

What good is a company that’s accomplishing amazing things for their clients, if no one knows what they’re doing? If you’re innovating in your field or providing fantastic service to your clients, wouldn’t you want people to know about that?

That’s exactly our mentality in our work with Paragon Living, one of Winnipeg’s premier infill development and management companies. They replace aging, run-down homes with affordable luxury apartments and rentals. Their sustainable construction practices and high-end finishes create more density in some of Winnipeg’s most mature and desirable neighbourhoods.

Paragon Living tasks us with making sure their current and prospective clients know about the incredible properties they’re developing and how they’re changing the Winnipeg infill landscape. They also want to give their residents resources on how to make the most of their new homes. Here’s how we do that.

Collaboration Process

We work with Paragon’s top executives, vendors and designers to incorporate their development and design knowledge into our blogs. Nigel Furgus, president, steers us with his vision of making high-end rentals more accessible at below-market rates. Zoe Henry of Zoe Henry Designs shares her sharp eye for design to create blogs that inspire our residents. We also talk with contractors, suppliers and others in the Paragon Living supply chain.

Our team of talented writers and editors take that knowledge and turn it into four blog posts each month. These posts promote projects, inspiration and brand information on topics such as:

Keyword Strategy 

Blogs are one of the most powerful online tools a business can use to drive organic traffic to their website. For Paragon Living, we use a bank of keywords relevant to infill development and rental property management as well as Winnipeg-specific keywords. Our goal is to have Paragon Living’s website dominate these keyword categories, driving more relevant traffic to their website.

We use SEMRush as one of our primary keyword tools, and also utilize Google Search Console, Google Trends and other analytical tools to help prepare posts that will be found by our target audiences. By using these keywords repeatedly in headings, subheadings and body text, search engines are more likely to rate Paragon Living’s website as a trustworthy and reliable source of information, therefore ranking it higher in organic search results.

Strong Visuals

At Dooley PR & Marketing, we often tell our clients that strong visuals make the difference between a good PR pitch and a forgettable one. The same goes for blog posts. We work with the Paragon Living team and their other vendors to create compelling visuals to go along with their written content. And when they create such stunning custom homes and rental suites, it’s easy to get the perfect angle.

We like to include at least two or three high-quality photos that elevate the written content in each blog post. Video can also be a great way to enhance blog posts, and can bring your story to life. Using photos, videos and other multimedia elements can connect a brand’s platforms together, from social media to a website to digital ads, to create a cohesive brand personality.

Aligning With The Brand

When we first started working with Paragon Living, their company was called Paragon Design Build. In late 2021, they transitioned into two separate arms of the company — Paragon Design Build encompasses their infill development activities and Paragon Living deals with property management.

Dooley PR & Marketing continued to create blogs for Paragon during and after the rebrand. We worked with the Paragon team to understand their vision for the new brand and created blogs that reflected the work they were doing.

To check out some of our work, head to Paragon Living’s blog.

Harnessing Your Expertise

Are you a leader in your field or doing great work that you want to show off to potential clients? If you don’t already have a blog on your website, or want to improve your current blog, Dooley PR & Marketing can help take your self-promotion to the next level.

To learn more about how we can boost your business’ blog, check out our Content Creation services page. You can also fill out the form on our Contact page and we’d be happy to chat with you.