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As a new marketing agency, UpHouse, we know the value of getting client testimonials. But since we don’t have many clients yet, we decided to get the next best thing – Testimomials.


>> KIIRSTEN: I’m Kiirsten May
>> ALEX: And I’m Alex Varricchio, and we just started UpHouse, a marketing agency.
>> KIIRSTEN: We know it’s important to get testimonials so potential clients can build trust in our brand.
>> ALEX: However, we don’t have any clients yet since it’s day 1, so we figured we’d get the next best thing: TestiMOMials.
>> KAREN: Hi, I’m Karen, I’m Alex’s mom.
>> KATHIE: Hi, I’m Kathie, Kiirsten’s mom.
>> KAREN: Nice to meet you.
>> KATHIE: Nice to meet you.
>> KAREN: Oh dear.
>> KATHIE: Hair’s good? [Whispering] Hair’s good?

Title card: How would you describe the UpHouse team?

>> KAREN: Alex is really great. Like, I mean – Not – Lots of people think Alex is really great, so it’s – He’s – he’s caring, and he’s kind, and he’s lots of fun to hang out with.
>> KATHIE: You’re my sunshine. And you know that. And when I think about that… You were just like sunshine.
>> KAREN: The other characteristics would be he’s a really good communicator.
>> KATHIE: Tenacious, passionate, compassionate.

Title card: Before UpHouse, had you tried any other solutions?

>> KATHIE: All kinds of – All kinds of things. But, uh, um – Stop! Cut! How – I’m trying to –
>> KAREN: Yeah, it’s uh – No. [Laughs] I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.
>> KATHIE: Hold it, just a sec. That one caught me off guard. You rascal!

Title card: What ROI did you get from UpHouse?

>> KATHIE: You couldn’t place a dollar value on there. That’s for sure.
>> KAREN: I’ve got a very good ROI on Al.
>> KATHIE: She has been an absolute delight to my life, and I’m not going to cry – here.

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