Matthew Dyck

Associate Creative Director



Matt is known for his directness and purity of heart, which when combined, has led to bringing more than a few people to tears during on-camera interviews. And while he doesn’t like to make a habit of it, Matt loves the opportunity to tell authentic stories that resonate with people. So whether he’s asking insightful questions during a video shoot, or gossiping about reality TV in the lunchroom, his passion for storytelling permeates.

As Associate Creative Director, Matt blends his background in brand and content strategy with his skills in writing, producing and directing videos. He especially loves to direct unscripted stories, and his recent documentary work with Discover Tourism brought him as far east as Halifax, as far west as Haida Gwaii and as far north as Churchill, Manitoba.

Matt’s dream for his career is to be surrounded by creative people, working together to accomplish something no individual could do on their own. He’s happy to say he witnesses this every day.