Evan Matthews

Public Relations Specialist

Evan Matthews


Evan loves to keep busy but when he needs a recharge you can find him reading, writing, playing video games, watching and playing sports, playing poker and binge-watching TV with the best of ’em. He loves to travel, but it’s mostly been domestic but that dream overseas trip will happen… eventually.  

People and their stories are at the centre of everything he does. Evans greatest ability is to listen and synthesize information into coherent, emotional stories. Evan has a deep love for giving a voice to those struggling to have their voice heard. Whether it be personal, non-profit or corporate, he connects with the emotional side of the story.  

To date, his greatest career highlights were in 2020, where during his time as a journalist, he took home three provincial awards – Best Health Story, Best Sports, and Best Agriculture Story. We already talked about people, but it’s true, he loves people, and they love him!