Brigit Harvey

Public Relations Coordinator

Headshot of Brigit Harvey. She is smiling, wearing a black shirt with a black leather jacket. She has long brunette hair with blonde highlights.


Brigit was declared the “creative one” in her family from a young age, so her spark for marketing, public relations and communications came as no surprise. Her love for words, however, started with literature. When she’s not nose-deep in a novel, she’s always open to a lively debate about whether a book was better than its big-screen counterpart.

She values integrity and transparency in all communications work and the media and strives to capture that in her work at UpHouse. A master of the headline, Brigit has worked with clients such as ADAMA Canada and Powertec Solar as well as non-profits such as Survivor’s Hope and End Homelessness Winnipeg.

Brigit loves being surrounded by a supportive team that encourages creativity and collaboration. Every day, she’s grateful to have the opportunity to put positive messages out into the world.