Our Products

At UpHouse, we do more than just marketing. We also write books, create online brainstorming platforms, do good and make games!

We want to help improve lives whenever we can. Whether we’re creating products to help in-house marketers, brightening a client’s day through karaoke or doing $300k in pro-bono work for non-profits, we’re excited to make the world a better place.

Frontline Friends

Kids suddenly have a tough job to do. But any job is a little easier when it has purpose.

Frontline Friends is a collection of stories and colouring book illustrations of real people who are out there doing important things, while a kid’s important job is to stay home and keep people like them safe.

The Proximity Paradox

A marketing book filled with practical and impractical ideas to kickstart your creativity.

An especially valuable book for creatives, but equally applicable to all businesses that depend on innovation, The Proximity Paradox encourages us to ask hard questions about how we work, how our businesses are structured and why we routinely find our creativity at odds with what’s asked of us as executors and stewards of the bottom line.


Ideas for everyone.

Crainstorm is a real-time, crowd-sourced  brainstorming tool that lets you gather insights and input from marketers, entrepreneurs, creators and innovative thinkers.

Brainstorm for Good

For many not-for-profit organizations, marketing brainstorms can be expensive and out of reach.

We help these groups by gathering marketers who want to get creative and do some good. These brainstorms generate actionable ideas that non-profits can use to improve their marketing strategies.

Christmas Bingo

Celebrating Made-for-TV holiday magic.

Have a little fun holiday fun any time of year. Celebrate the clichéd and unapologetically regurgitated storylines of your favourite holiday classics, old and new, with our Christmas Movie Sipping Bingo Showdown!