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We’re excited to announce our office is growing with the acquisition of Dooley PR, Winnipeg’s tenured and respected public relations agency.

While we’re working frantically to institute an office-dog schedule, we wanted to share this news with the folks it’ll impact the most: our friends and clients!

What does this mean if I’m…

…an existing UpHouse client?

Your service and relationships will stay the same, we simply have a new service offering to explore together. Our company prides itself on never selling tactics just because we have the services in-house, but we now can confidently execute media launches, manage influencer campaigns and offer media coaching for your companies with this newfound expertise in-house. We’re looking forward to how much we’ll learn and benefit from having these folks working alongside us every day – and the media we’ll earn for our client’s worthy stories.

…an existing Dooley PR client?

Things will stay mostly the same for you, too, except Dooley will soon be called UpHouse. You’ll have access to the usual faces from Dooley (even if they were just a Zoom tile!) – along with a new team of 25 marketing experts with various specialties and an award-winning design and creative team. (You’re now working with a certified diverse supplier too!) Business will continue as usual, but the team and our capabilities have grown. We’ll be happy to extend our marketing and creative services to you.

…just browsing the site and we’ve yet to work together?

What a time to get involved! We’re a marketing and PR agency operating at the top of our game. We’re also suddenly finding ourselves among the largest and most creative agencies in the city – we’re an honest-to-goodness, mid-sized company ready to service clients of all shapes and sizes!

You can view the press release or read more about the acquisition story in the Winnipeg Free Press.

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