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When Kiirsten May and Alex Varricchio opened shop in September, they didn’t have any clients. So, they turned to two people they knew would give them glowing endorsements — their moms.
They launched their TestiMOMials video to announce the opening of their new agency, UpHouse.™ It received 10,000 views on its first day.
“You couldn’t place a dollar value on there,” Kathie May said when asked about the ROI she’s received from UpHouse, but she did ensure her daughter Kiirsten she is her “sunshine.”
Karen, Alex’s mom, is also pleased with her results.
I got a very good ROI on Al. – Karen
See it for yourself: Watch the TestiMOMials video on Facebook.
Since opening in September, UpHouse has already gained several clients. That’s because testimonials aren’t the only thing the new agency is doing differently — May and Varricchio are shaking up the traditional agency role.
UpHouse offers pioneering new services like creative director on-call, where organizations get the expertise of a senior creative director without the full-time price-tag, and cross-business brainstorming, where people from different industries create new ideas together.
Varricchio and May bring expertise from working in top Winnipeg agencies. They have experience with clients large and small, from big agriculture, to arts, to education. UpHouse leverages their shared passion for collaboration and creativity.
They founded UpHouse to help in-house marketers create the best work for their organizations.
To request an interview please contact:
Kiirsten May
204-226-7866 | [email protected]

About UpHouse

UpHouse is a marketing agency that elevates in-house teams and the brands they promote. We work collaboratively with clients to invigorate their brand, create achievable marketing plans and cultivate the skills of their creative people.

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