Shaina Sagar

Athlete | Power Lifter
Shaina posing in workout gear holding a bottle of protien mix in each hand.


Shaina Sagar started her fitness journey in 2021, challenging herself to gain muscle, confidence and motivation through heavy lifting. Since then, she has amassed a following of women who admire her fearless approach to fitness and self-care in a traditionally male-dominated space. Growing up, Shaina was encouraged to take care of those around her, prioritizing the needs of others before her own — but fitness allowed her to reclaim the power of investing in her own health. She loves inspiring others who are preparing to embark on their own fitness journeys, creating connections and sharing her passions with power lifters of various skill levels, all around the world. Outside the gym, she’s an avid traveller with a keen eye for style, documenting her worldly adventures and expertly curated fashion finds.