Matthew and Michael

Dads Through Surrogacy | Travel Journalism
Matthew and Micheal laying in opposite directions with cheeks touching as they smile into the camera.


Back in 2007, the early days of YouTube, Matthew Schueller began vlogging as an outlet for connecting and sharing
with the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Today, he and his husband Michael Lindsay share the highlights of their lives as a proud
gay couple, from touring destinations to documenting their parenthood journey through surrogacy, and all the sweet,
sentimental, and hilarious moments in between. The couple have been featured in HuffPost, earning the distinction
of GayTravel’s top content creator of 2022, and have established an audience of over one million subscribers
across a variety of platforms. Today, Matthew and Michael are more inspired than ever to continue sharing their
message of self-acceptance, positive community building, equality, and love above all.