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Kiirsten May and Alex Varricchio, Owners of UpHouse
Kiirsten May and Alex Varricchio, co-owners of the new marketing agency UpHouse
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (October 4, 2017) –  There are few departments that know an organization better than its in-house marketing department. They’re privy to everything from product details to business strategy. But that same proximity to the company can also hinder marketing teams when it’s time to generate new ideas. Like a racehorse wearing blinders, deep expertise can keep marketers looking in one direction, while innovation often lies at the fringes.
That’s the concept behind UpHouse™ Inc. – the marketing agency that just opened in Winnipeg. UpHouse has positioned itself at the halfway point between outside advertising agency and a member of the in-house team. It offers a service suite designed to support marketers while also maintaining the distance needed for innovation.
“As outsiders, we can see opportunities that people who are close to the organization might miss,” says Kiirsten May, co-founder. “And we have the processes and expertise to support marketers in bringing those ideas to life.”
UpHouse has created unique services that serve in-house marketing teams – like cross-business brainstorming, where people from different industries are brought together to solve business challenges. Or creative director on call – where in-house marketing teams can benefit from senior creative direction without the high price tag that comes with hiring full time.
“We know that different perspectives help shape innovation, but organizations don’t practice it enough,” says co-founder Alex Varricchio. “What would it look like if you marketed your manufacturing company like it was in a completely different industry? Or how would your business change if you got rid of marketing altogether and relied on other methods for growth? These are the kinds of thought exercises that can lead to new opportunities.”
Varricchio and May have worked at the top agencies in Winnipeg and served clients large and small in education, manufacturing and agriculture industries as well as Indigenous, arts and non-profit organizations. UpHouse leverages their shared passion for collaboration and creativity.
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UpHouse is a marketing agency that elevates in-house teams and the brands they promote. We work collaboratively with clients to invigorate their brand, create achievable marketing plans and cultivate the skills of their creative people.