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Armand Mehidri is anything but your average art school graduate. He combined his two passions, fashion and drawing, and for the past few years has been sketching celebrities and fashion models for his impressive Instagram audience of 74 thousand followers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Armand has been able to harness such a massive following tapping into pop culture with his talents. The fluid lines on Armand’s vibrant illustrations are guaranteed to make you stop while scrolling through your feed. Even celebrities love the way Armand portrays them. Kim Kardashian, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez are just a few A-listers who have reposted Armand’s illustrations.
Recently, Armand was invited by British girl group Little Mix to design the box set for their perfume, Style. Read on to find out how that collaboration came to life, what Armand’s creative process looks like, and much more about everyone’s favourite fashion illustrator.

You have a very unique and defining style. Can you tell us what the process of finding that style and perfecting it has been like for you?

Everything came very naturally to me. I liked fashion and I liked drawing since when I was a little boy, so eventually I combined the two and the results are what you see on my Instagram.

Can you describe your creative process? Where do you start, what do you usually have on or around you, and how do you work?

I like to work while listening to music or watching TV. I don’t like working in a quiet environment.
I start by collecting ideas and references — essentially before I even start working I try to find inspiration from anywhere.
After that, the illustration process starts with sketching, and then I add the colours to it. It all ends with publishing my artwork and waiting for feedback.

Can you tell us a little bit about your favourite illustration, and why it’s your favourite? Can you even pick one?

I know it is very cliché to say I can’t choose, but really I cannot. As I work more with illustrations, I notice my art changing and improving a lot, so it makes it very difficult for me to choose just one illustration as my favourite.

Tell us about your collaboration with Little Mix. How did that happen? Did they get involved in the process at all? 

The management team of the girls contacted me and suggested the idea, and I loved it. Then the idea was proposed to the girls and they loved it too. After that, I just started sharing ideas and proposed artworks back and forth with the girls and their team, until we got the perfect result.

A lot of celebrities have shared your work, including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. Is there someone you still want to reach? Are there any other goals you can share with us?

My dream collaboration would be to work with Rihanna or Beyoncé, so I’m working very hard to get there.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Who are some of your favourite artists?

I get a lot of inspiration from pop culture: music, movies, ’80s and ’90s art, fashion designers, models, art galleries — essentially everything beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

How has living in Dubai influenced your work? 

I don’t think it has changed my work at all, but I have done some work that fits more with the Arabian market, meaning more modest illustrations, which I don’t think I would have done if I wasn’t living in Dubai.

What’s the worst advice you have ever received?

I’ve been told that nobody cares about fashion sketches, and that instead, I should work on some real paintings. Turn out, people care.

What are some of your future goals, personally and professionally?

I just want to work more, discover more and grow my connections in the fashion and illustration world. I don’t make longterm plans, so let’s see what happens.

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