Published On: September 15, 2021By

Between storms, insects, and disease, Winnipeg’s tree canopy hasn’t had it easy. Luckily, Trees Winnipeg has partnered with the City of Winnipeg to go beyond the city’s existing tree planting program. This morning, Kamila Konieczy spoke to CTV Morning’s Michael Hutchinson about the Million Tree Challenge. This initiative aims to plant one million new trees in Winnipeg in time for our population hit one million people.

In addition to helping Trees Canada develop videos and content for The Million Tree Challenge, our team has also taken up the cause. We are excited to contribute to improved air quality and greener recreation areas for the city as a whole. Not to mention that tree placement can result in reduced heating and cooling costs, increased property values, improved health and better quality of life for those planting in their own backyards.

You can learn more about the Trees Winnipeg and the Million Tree Challenge at