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It’s been tightly under wraps for months, but we can now reveal Manitoba’s refreshed tourism brand to the world!


Travel Manitoba approached us with this dream assignment in February of last year — and we’ve been busy helping them evolve their look and memorable “Canada’s Heart Beats” creative ever since.

After brand workshops with the Travel Manitoba team, Q+A sessions with their key partners, 80+ hours of travel marketing research and government, board and consumer feedback, we’ve landed on the mark and tagline that will take the Manitoba tourism brand into the future. The new brand will appeal to international, national and local travelers with what we’re best known for, using the subtle outline of a polar bear tucked into the ‘A’ in Manitoba.

Manitoba logo on aurora background

While the clever and iconic symbol nods to that singular experience, the wider brand acknowledges the breadth of experiences our province offers. Travel Manitoba wanted a way to invite all of its tourism partners to see their destinations and experiences reflected in the brand, and encapsulate raw, user-generated footage right alongside their polished broadcast spots. They needed a brand that was accessible so all locals and tourists with different sized pocketbooks, ages, genders, sexual identities and abilities saw that Manitoba was open to them.

What we found united all of Manitoba’s tourism experiences was the undeniable emotion they provoke. Each of us is looking for something a little different from travel — but what drives us is emotion. We want the thrill of catching a big fish; the calm of nature or a spa; the adventure of a gritty trail and to find reflection in cultural learnings and the arts.

A collage of Manitoban activities and attractions on an outdoor banner

We had a lot of fun collaborating with local partners for this project, including experiential marketing studio Grape Labs, commercial video studio Enjoy Creative, graphic designer Jonato Dalayoan of 4two Design Inc and film production studio Wookey Films. Local makers Wilder Goods, lot.ceramics and Patent 5 also came on board for an exclusive merchandise line. And you’ll hear the talent of local musicians in the video advertising, including William Prince, JP Hoe, The Ripperz, Ila Barker, Yes We Mystic and Moonbell.

We stayed true to the “heart” of the original tagline but expanded on the emotional ties of the heart reference. We made the new tagline an active call to find what your heart needs right here in Manitoba. Whatever your heart needs, Manitoba is ready to answer the call.

Manitoba — Canada’s Heart is Calling

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