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Redevelopment Process Followed A Careful Plan

Philippe Richer, Principal & Owner of TLR Law appears on the website beside their mission statement.

I love unveiling new websites for clients, especially when they look as nice and fresh and perfectly on brand as TLR Law’s new site does.

TLR came to us asking for a new site and a refresh of their visual identity. They’ve been around for a long time, serving Winnipeg and area from their St. Boniface office, and their old site and logo certainly looked their age.

TLR recognized that they were not communicating the brand messages that they wanted. They have a strong story to tell: TLR’s mission is to make law accessible to the average Canadian. They are focused on helping individuals, families and mostly small and mid-sized businesses with their legal needs.

They do a great job of it too, as dozens of Google Reviews will attest. They offer friendly, non-stuffy, down-to-earth advice that protects people from legal repercussions. More importantly, they pride themselves on helping their clients really understand their legal situations in plain language (English and French).

Our job was to try to bring out all of those attributes. We wanted it to be bright and friendly. In many ways, TLR is the antithesis of the big, downtown law firms and they like it that way.

We introduced a new colour scheme in the logo and carried it throughout the website. We also subtly anchored the firm in its own neighbourhood with a stylized graphic of the St. Boniface skyline.

A screenshot of the ‘Book a Consultation’ page on TLR Law’s new website.

Working with local photographer, Ian McCausland, we directed a new photo shoot, showing the TLR team as they are: friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and cooperative.

In the site plan, we mapped out and implemented a strong call to action to drive more visitors to engage with the firm by watching videos, downloading free legal resources and connecting via phone or email.

As part of the transition from old site to new, we took care to plan for all the necessary page redirects to ensure the site didn’t lose any of its legacy SEO rankings too.

All in all, it was a long careful process, which is what we aim to bring to every website project we work on. That’s because we take the time up front to create a site plan. And even before that, we meet to understand our clients’ needs, their brand, their audiences and where their business is going.

The end result is a visually attractive, fast-loading, mobile-friendly site that scores well on SEO and encourages user engagement.

If you need a fresh look for an old website, we’d love the chance to talk with you. Contact us today.

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