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Founder’s Passion Guides New Website And Social Media

I love the little stories of personal triumph that turn into successful businesses. Susana Scott has a story like that and our team has been privileged to help her tell it over the past few months.

Susana is the founder and CEO of Brematson Disability Advocates, which is one of the leading consultancies in Canada advocating for disabled people’s access to important benefits programs like the Canada Pension Plan Disability. She and her team appeal wrongful denials of CPP-D benefits. They also work with long-term disability insurance companies and claimants to help resolve claims-related issues including file reviews and recommendations.

They’re very good at what they do and have helped earn millions of dollars for their clients over the years. That’s just part of the story we set out to help Susana tell when she engaged us to rebuild her corporate website and refresh her social media presence.

Selling Hope And Encouragement With New Website

Susana’s vision was to develop a site that would instantly provide hope and encouragement to visitors. She recognized that the people visiting her site are frequently desperate and under great stress. Typically, they have serious health challenges and have recently been told their benefits have been cut off.

As we planned out the new site, we worked closely with Susana and her team to select the right kind of images that would convey the right message. They wanted to communicate clearly that Brematson was on their side, that Susana and her team would listen to their story and do their best to help them if they could.

We also incorporated a number of other upgrades. The site is faster loading and more mobile friendly than the old one. We also made sure it met accessibility standards, which is vital for the target audience.

We carefully considered how to transition to the new site to preserve existing SEO rankings. And we amplified a strong call to action which is meant to drive more inquiries and conversions.

Since launching the site in late February, we’ve been working with Brematson on keyword research to help them compose relevant blog posts that should drive more organic traffic.

Google Analytics tells us the site is getting decent traction and is trending in the right direction. We’re averaging about 300 visitors a month with a decently low bounce rate of 65%. Average time on site is well over 2:00, and people visit more than 3 pages per visit, which tells us that visitors are staying around to read and learn more about Brematson.

Telling The Story Through Social Media

In addition to the new site, we’ve also been producing short videos for playback on Brematson’s social media channels. Susana is passionate about what she does and who she serves. Our job is to try to capture that passion in bite-sized videos for posting on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Here’s an example of a recent video we produced.

When producing videos for social media, we aim to make it as easy as possible for our clients. We work to script them in advance, cue up the scripts on teleprompters and make sure the lights and setup are all ready for when they arrive.

This is all part of building an online sales funnel for Brematson.

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