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Our Chief Officer of Morale is very personable, always up for a good time and very furry. Codec the Corgo joins us at the office almost every day. He joined the Dooley PR & Marketing team as an 8-month-old pup and has grown into an integral member of the team.

Having office pets has become increasingly popular, with more organizations large and small allowing dogs to come in with employees or adopting an office pet. Studies have indicated that an office dog improves office morale, reduces absenteeism and promotes a healthy attitude around work and life.

Office Morale

If you like your job, you’re more likely to succeed. Office morale plays a key role in this success. Productivity increases when you have a positive outlook on the task at hand and receive positive feedback from others. With an office dog, you’ll always have positive feedback. That little furball will love you and encourage you to be your best at all times.

Studies have also indicated that office dogs increase social interactions. Part of Codec’s job is to ensure our team continues to grow together. Laughing at his antics is one of the simple pleasures that the Dooley PR & Marketing team can enjoy together – when he’s got the zoomies and is zipping through the shelving it’s a sight to behold. Dogs are also known to break down barriers, giving people a common talking point that can lead to a deeper connection between team members.


When Codec doesn’t come into the office it’s greeted with thinly-veiled disappointment. Why show up if you can’t pet the dog? Office dogs create an environment with less stress and increased performance.

People are more stressed than ever – there is a continuous rise in stress-levels around the globe, and stress decreases productivity while increasing absenteeism. Working in an environment that can decrease those stress levels, even a little, is a game-changer.

As we’ve discovered (quite happily), having Codec in the office has really helped with this. He’s here to make sure we take a break to give him scratches behind the ear, pet his tummy when he’s sleeping at (and on) our feet and begging us to take a minute to play chase, fetch or tug-of-war. A reminder to pause, take a break and breathe is important for productivity and our overall health.

Codec the Corgo, a tri-coloured corgi, playing with his treat ball
Codec the Corgi chases after a red ball in the Dooley PR & Marketing office.

Healthy Living

An office dog encourages healthy living. If one of our team members feels that they need an excuse to get out of the office Codec is always willing to help with that and is ready for a walk at a drop of the hat. Need to get your blood pumping? He’ll give you a merry chase around the office.

Taking short breaks from our desks gives our minds a chance to refresh. And that refresh leads to increased creativity while giving us a (sometimes much needed) boost for the rest of the day.

An office dog is not for everyone or everywhere but it works for us. The office is stocked with treats and toys to keep him comfortable and entertained so that he can do what he does best – love and encourage us to be our best.

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