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In the face of so much change and uncertainty, it can be hard to tap into the fun and creativity that we used to take for granted. These unprecedented times call for some precedented tips, which Alex had a chance to share with the audience of CTV Morning Live.

Make Time for Collaboration

In the absence of face-to-face interactions and time spent working together, we don’t make as much time to collaborate. Try setting aside some time each week for open collaboration, problem solving and creativity. It can be as simple as an optional meeting that people can go to and bounce ideas off each other.

Look for Small Wins

Take time to celebrate things you’ve accomplished together. Recognize one another for doing good work and celebrate it. This can be as simple as a celebratory email sent to your team or a more formal digital or distanced gathering.

Re-connect with Your Core Values

Most organizations have a set of core values. Ideally, your team knows how to live these values during the normal course of business, but it’s worth taking a fresh look at them to see how they can be brought to life today.

Create for the Sake of Creating

Start and launch a small feel-good project as a team. It doesn’t have to be big, but the process can bring people together around the shared purpose of doing good.

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